My teaching and invited lectures generally focus on immigration to the United States and on research methodology. 

Courses at UC Davis, 2016-2017

Immigration and Opportunity (Soc 004)

Evaluation Research Methods (Soc 103)

Other Courses (Teaching Assistant, UCLA)

Comparative Immigration (Dept. of Sociology, Prof. Roger Waldinger)

Chinese Immigration (Cross-listed course in Sociology and Asian American Studies, Prof. Min Zhou)

Introductory Sociology (Dept. of Sociology, Prof. Darnell Hunt)


Excellence in Teaching Award, UCLA Department of Sociology 2008-2009


Selected Invited Lectures

Immigration Detention in the United States

The Role of Empirical Work in Legal Analysis and Policy Advocacy

Research Methods in Hard-to-Reach and Vulnerable Populations: Planning, Implementing, and Analyzing Mixed-Methods Research

In-Depth Interview Methodology

Undocumented Student Activism & Anti-Deportation Campaigns

U.S. Immigration Policy & the Socio-Historical Process of Undocumented Mexican Migration

DREAMing of a Better Future: Undocumented Immigrant Young Adults in the U.S. 


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