Courses Taught, UC Davis

SOC 4: Immigration and Opportunity

SOC 4H: Immigration and Opportunity with College Honors

SOC 103: Evaluation Research Methods

SOC 195: Crimmigration


Distinguished Teaching Award, UC Davis, 2021

Selected Invited Lectures

Government Data in Migration Research: Advantages, Pitfalls, and Examples

The Impacts of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

DACA and Psychological Wellbeing

Immigration Detention in the United States

The Role of Empirical Work in Legal Analysis and Policy Advocacy

Research Methods in Hard-to-Reach and Vulnerable Populations: Planning, Implementing, and Analyzing Mixed-Methods Research

In-Depth Interview Methodology: Design, Implementation, and Analysis

Undocumented Student Activism & Anti-Deportation Campaigns

U.S. Immigration Policy & the Socio-Historical Process of Undocumented Mexican Migration

DREAMing of a Better Future: Undocumented Immigrant Young Adults in the U.S. 


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